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Entertainment Production

Blue Bell Entertainment Production House in Mumbai is a team of young and experienced creative professionals from entertainment industry.

We’ve got a great team of people and we love what we do. We love solving creative challenges for our clients.Our team tackles and discovers its specialty for making original high quality TV commercials(AD Films).

We have built our reputation in the industry by producing very high quality commercials, Short films, Corporate Ad films, Documentaries and in Print Media Photography product photo shoots at competitive prices.

Bluebell is also a leading talent agency in Andheri Mumbai. We choose the best facilities, directors, photographer and crew for each individual production.

Let your product dominate the market
The product videos we create for our clients turn out to be the best marketing tool for our clients. We work with professional filmmakers who produce high definition product videos fit for digital broadcast. We use the latest technology during product videos production.

More importantly, We understand the clients’ needs and the audiences’ demands. We will prepare a video which has a cinematic feel to it. Blue bell is renowned entertainment production house in Mumbai.

The viewers will have an almost film watching experience while watching our video because we will also add a story line to make it more interesting, appealing and engaging.

Rise on international horizon
A corporate video is the most powerful tool of communication which can be used to build the brand of your company & also the most effective tool to promote or develop your business.

Blue Bell, as a corporate video production company, is capable of measuring the influence of a great and effective video for our clients.

Our creative, talented and experienced video designers will prepare a video which will be unique with a strong message related to your company’s products and services and that too at the most competitive rate.

Production House in Mumbai

entertainment production house in Mumbai

Entertainment production house in mumbai

First impressiont
For Print Media we’ve got a great team of creative brains and we love what we do. We solve challenges by a creative strategy. We understand design and the Science behind Art.

The purpose of design is to support the brand strategy, by being the face of it. The science behind our designs is to ensure that every single touch point that the brand uses to interact with its audiences is created to offer an integrated experience.

Build to last
We are creative & our creative, talented and experienced designers will prepare a creative which will be unique with a strong message related to your company’s products and services.

Our talented and experienced Photographer understand The science behind our designs, creative, what your company is, what it does, how it communicates to potential customers and how you want them to perceive your company.

At Blue Bell entertainment production house in Mumbai, Our Photographers understand all & shoot accordingly with product, models, props at different location with high definition camera’s & lights equipment’s that too at the most competitive rate.


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